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Download manager with download acceleration and multiple features
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No matter what we do on the Internet, we always want two things: comfort and functionality. We want to share and take information quickly and do whatever we want with it. And if we want to get our hands on some files we want, we need to download them using something better than the standard tools of our OS. As always, download managers are plenty, and one of them is Download Ninja.

What is Download Ninja? It is a download manager offering exactly what we want: comfort and functionality. It allows us to download all kinds of files, paying special attention to media files. There is a special feature for downloading such files from popular hosting services such as Youtube. It was probably intended for this kind of downloads — music, video, pictures - as it has a built-in media conversion tool that lets the user get the file downloaded in the format they want. That is, by all definitions, crafty, turning a download manager into a media converter.

Download Ninja has, of course, the necessary functions such as resuming downloads previously topped or interrupted, but what really takes the cake is its acceleration feature. The program uses simultaneous connections to speed up the download up to 10 times. And speed is the main characteristic we pay attention to when we deal with downloading, don't we? Here you can increase it, limit it, control the number of connections and tailor the process to your needs.

But the greatest thing is not the speed or file conversion. It's the fact that the data downloaded is written sequentially. So, you can, for example, view a video from the start while it is still not fully downloaded and see if you actually want to keep downloading it.

Scheduling of your downloads is pretty standard, but the only letdown here is that the interface can get overly complicated for this kind of program. Otherwise, it is quite simple and intuitive.

For those who wish to leave no trace behind (and we know there are a lot of us out there) Download Ninja has the option to shred the downloaded files making them impossible to recover. Clean and simple.

Other features include language packs, the ability to make Download Ninja a Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox plug-in, interface themes, even a virus scanner. One might say is gets overly abundant. But what is demand without offer?

James Lynch
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  • Multiple features
  • Good speed acceleration
  • Media files conversion tools


  • Some interface panels are not intuitive
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